Wednesday, July 10, 2019

Hong Kong “Protests” Just the Latest Lie about China

The recent violent demonstrations in Hong Kong (HK) against an extradition bill are the latest psychological operation (psyop) in what Sino-analyst Jeff J. Brown of the China Rising blog calls the Big Lie Propaganda Machine (BLPM).  The BPLM comprises manufactured hoaxes in mainstream narratives about 1989’s Tiananmen Square, 2014’s “Umbrella Revolution,” the Social Credit Score, etc.  They usually involve CIA (euphemistically called Capitalism’s Invisible Army) assets posing as Chinese dissidents.  Among them include Muslim Uyghurs, Falun Gong & its various associated franchises, the Dalai Lama & Tibetan Buddhists, & Nobel Peace Prize winner Liu Xiaobo.  There’s even a dissident connection, including artist Ai Weiwei, to CIA assets Edward Snowden & Julian Assange along with the WikiLeaks “honeypot.”

These latest events in HK are just more of the same from the CIA & its non-governmental organization (NGO) front, the National Endowment for “Democracy” (NED).  Along with its sister NGO, “Freedom” House (FH), NED has funded groups to undermine HK’s connection as a Special Administrative Region (SAR) in the “one country, two systems” model agreed upon when the UK handed HK back to the People’s Republic of China (PRC) on July 1, 1997, after over 150 years of colonial rule.  There are even the “usual suspects,” especially Joshua Wong, who played their part in the 2014 HK “protests.” 

The modest amendment proposed to the extradition law is being used as an excuse for a destabilization campaign, regime-change operation or “color revolution.”  These are CIA specialties used against countries around the world which it targets for neoliberalizing.  The goal is for the USA, UK & other Western countries to take over, install puppets, allow their corporations to plunder the wealth & resources of countries, especially those that are left-leaning, which protect their sovereignty & their people from slavery to Big Business.  The bill was specifically proposed to weed out crime after a man from HK had murdered his pregnant girlfriend in Taiwan, then couldn’t be extradited.  The PRC has been concerned about HK’s becoming a haven for corrupt businessmen & criminals attempting to escape prosecution from many jurisdictions, not just the Mainland. 

The protests began before the 30th anniversary of Tiananmen Square on June 4th when there are normally demonstrations in HK to commemorate the event, but became increasingly violent as the July 1st anniversary of HK’s return to Chinese rule approached.  There were even protests organized in cities around the world.  They are being portrayed as a fight for democracy against the PRC’s “totalitarian” rule.  But violence has targeted the only institution of democracy HK has ever known, the Legislative Council (LegCo), where protesters broke in, vandalized the building, spray-painted obscenities on the walls & raised the old UK colonial flag.  That’s ironic in light of the fact that HK had virtually no democracy under UK colonial rule.   

Many people from HK, not just protesters, hold racist colonialist views about the PRC.  Mainlanders are often called “locusts.”  HKers also use a term that Japanese called Chinese during the World War II occupation of China. “Shina” (with slightly different Cantonese & Mandarin pronunciations) is used in reference to Chinese mainlanders.  The closest translation into English is probably the ethnic slur, “Chink.”  (Apologies to my readers who are ethnic Chinese.) 

The protesters, most of whom have been described as being very young, usually range in age from early teens to early 20s. The young in Hong Kong face real challenges of finding affordable housing, but choose to demand “democracy,” withdrawal of a reasonable extradition bill, & resignation of HK leader Carrie Lam instead.  NED pays people to protest & be violent, so I guess it’s fun to be hip & “radical” for a colonialist cause.  Some anarcho-morons have even joined in, probably because of their attraction to the color black that protesters used on the “handover” anniversary.  Police have asked protesters in vain not to be violent, but often end up with bloodied faces, burns & experiencing breathing problems from having hard objects & bottles of toxic chemicals thrown at them.  For the sake of a political agenda though, MSM insists on ignoring facts & smearing them for police brutality. 

We’ve seen these psyops before, namely at Tiananmen, after which the CIA & UK’s MI6 whisked hundreds of student protesters in Operation Yellow Bird out of the PRC, incidentally through HK, to be rewarded with educations at prestigious universities in the USA.  The last one was the Umbrella Revolution, distinctive with its familiar color revolution theme of yellow in the form of umbrellas that protesters carried.  These seemingly peaceful umbrellas can easily be turned into weapons though.  Three figures, including Wong, received NED/FH awards in Washington, DC, afterward for their efforts.  We will surely see continued CIA/NED/FH violence to undermine PRC sovereignty over HK.